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Service. Reliability. Safety and Convenience.

Those are the qualities that Freedom Flooring was founded on. From building a network of relationships with name brand managers to be able to provide a vast selection of flooring materials, to assembling a team of dedicated flooring experts to provide expert installations, Freedom Flooring is dedicated to be among the best flooring companies in Edmonton. With in-home inspections and accurate estimates, you can trust Freedom Flooring to get your flooring done properly, efficiently, safely and conveniently.

Let us come to you! Freedom Flooring’s mobile flooring truck makes choosing a product simple and convenient. We’ll come to you with a wide variety of samples so you can make an informed decision right in your home; no going to a showroom and trying to imagine what something might look like. You can see exactly how your choice is going match your home, and without ever leaving the comfort of it.

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